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The genre of the musical originated in the days of silent films, and immediately became incredibly popular. Musicals are a great way to raise your spirits, recharge yourself with positive energy and cheer up, watching the dynamic and interesting plot twists. Each film is accompanied by vocals and fiery dances, the productions of which delight every viewer. On our portal you can find musical torrent download torrent, a collection of which will pleasantly surprise you. It is believed that the musical first appeared in America, when theatrical productions intertwined with melodramatic scenes and musical numbers.

This inspired filmmakers to create a movie that won the hearts of millions of viewers. At the moment, many countries produce musicals that are in great demand all over the world. This genre is quite complex, as the actors playing the main roles, must not only masterfully play, but also be able to dance and perform songs. For all fans of the genre, we have collected musical movies list, which includes the best films of both the past and the present. Musical almost always look incredibly spectacular, evoking delight and strong emotions. They continue to delight us, becoming more sophisticated and high-quality.

We have created an excellent selection that will satisfy the tastes of any film fan. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of music and great songs, resting from the daily routine and hassle. On our site you can download such excellent musical torrent as Sounds of Music, My Fair Lady, Cabaret, Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, Cats and many others. Many of them have become real classics, giving the viewer great pleasure. Perhaps watching a movie of this genre will awaken in you the creative abilities and talent for songs or dances. Use the search box to find the movies you are interested in and start watching immediately. Our cinema site will allow you to plunge into the world of cinema and completely relax, having turned away from the real world.

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HDRip 09 March 2019
7.1/1014 649 votes
Year2019 Country:Denmark, Canada, Norway, Australia, USA Genre:Movies / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Family / Musical Director:Mike Mitchell, Trisha Gum Cast:Margot Robbie, Alison Brie, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Channing Tatum, Stephanie Beatriz, Jonah Hill, Nick Offerman Release Date:7 February 2019 Language:English Time: 106 min

Emmett Blokowski, an average citizen living among others in the fabulous Lego universe, once finds himself in a dangerous situation and becomes a participant in adventurous adventures. A deadly...

0 6 972
HDRip 19 February 2019
8.3/109 859 votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Biography / Comedy / Drama / Musical Director:Peter Farrelly Cast:Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini, Sebastian Maniscalco, Dimiter D. Marinov, Mike Hatton Release Date:1 February 2019 Language:English Time: 130 min

Even in the last century, in the territory of America, famous for its democratic principles, there was a blatant injustice everywhere, based on the ineradicable racial prejudices that have survived...

1 6 430
HDRip 03 February 2019
8.0/10416 votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Musical Director:Andrew Donoho, Chuck Lightning Cast:Michele Hart, Jonah Lees, Alexis Long, Janelle Monáe, Oliver Morton, Jannica Olin, Dyson Posey, Tessa Thompson Release Date:27 April 2018 Language:English Time: 49 min

An Android, Jane 57821, attempts to break free from the constraints of a totalitarian society that forcibly makes Jane comply with its homophobic beliefs....

0 755
WEBRip 30 January 2019
6.5/10656 votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Musical Director:Alex Rudzinski Cast:Vanessa Hudgens, Keala Settle, Kiersey Clemons, Anthony Rapp, James Leyva, Jordan Fisher, Idina Menzel Release Date:27 January 2019 Language:English Time: 134 min

The story of several friends in New York City facing financial poverty, homophobia, AIDS, and, of course, rent....

0 848
HDRip 27 January 2019
6.3/10128 votes
Year2017 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Drama / Musical Director:Ari Gold Cast:Rory Culkin, Robert Sheehan, Isabelle McNally, Mary Beth Peil, Elizabeth Peña, Jack Falahee, Brian Dennehy Release Date:21 June 2017 Language:English Time: 100 min

​Ollie Swayay is a restless and inquisitive music collector. Now he is carried away by the search for the true taste of life, so he spends a lot of time on entertainment events, endlessly...

0 286
HDRip 22 January 2019
8.3/10192 898 votes
Year2018 Country:UK, USA Genre:Movies / Biography / Drama / Musical Director:Bryan Singer Cast:Rami Malek, Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy, Joseph Mazzello, Lucy Boynton Release Date:24 October 2018 Language:English Time: 134 min

The soloist of the legendary Queen music group is an extraordinary person, possessing unique talents and an incredible sense of purpose, which contributed to the achievement of enormous professional...

1 22 585
HDRip 19 January 2019
5.5/1025 votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Fantasy / Musical Director:Luke Shirock Cast:Luke Shirock, Celine Held, David Andrew Macdonald, Michael Kostroff, Alison Fraser, Steven Schoolmeesters Release Date:15 January 2019 Language:English Time: 110 min

​Tommy’s life is filled with endless trials and psychological suffering caused by the contradictions that exist in his personality. He is forced to constantly resist the internal demons, pushing him...

0 200
TS 14 January 2019
7.5/105 131 votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Comedy / Fantasy / Family / Musical Director:Rob Marshall Cast:Emily Blunt, Dick Van Dyke, Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury, Emily Mortimer, Colin Firth, Lin-Manuel Miranda Release Date:25 December 2018 Language:English Time: 130 min

In our life, very rarely real miracles occur, having a pleasant feature, or rather the ability to sometimes repeat. Famous, fabulous nanny Mary Poppins again visits overcast London to help her small,...

1 4 627
HDRip 29 November 2018
6.8/105 593 votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Family / Musical Director:Karey Kirkpatrick, Jason Reisig Cast:Channing Tatum, James Corden, Zendaya, Common, LeBron James, Danny DeVito, Gina Rodriguez Release Date:5 October 2018 Language:English Time: 96 min

​Somewhere far away in uncharted lands is a fairyland where mysterious yeti live. Unusual creatures for thousands of years live in their own, detached little world, without thinking about the...

0 8 998
BDRip 24 November 2018
6.9/1043 418 votes
Year2018 Country:UK, USA Genre:Movies / Comedy / Musical Director:Ol Parker Cast:Lily James, Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Celia Imrie, Andy Garcia, Alexa Davies, Jessica Keenan Wynn Release Date:20 July 2018 Language:English Time: 114 min

The family of a young woman is at the center of extraordinary events. Episodes from Sophia’s past life are closely intertwined and dramatically influenced the course of real everyday life. She very...

0 843
BDRip 21 November 2018
5.9/10693 votes
Year2018 Country:Canada, USA Genre:Movies / Comedy / Fantasy / Family / Musical Director:Ross Venokur Cast:Demi Lovato, Wilmer Valderrama, Sia, Nia Vardalos, Ashley Tisdale, Avril Lavigne, G.E.M. Release Date:20 April 2018 Language:English Time: 90 min

Fairy tale kingdom is inhabited by beautiful princes and princesses. They all live together and never quarrel. Every girl wants to meet true love, get married and live happily with her chosen one. In...

0 1 810
BDRip 20 November 2018
5.8/105497 votes
Year2017 Country:UK, USA Genre:Movies / Comedy / Melodrama / Musical Director:John Cameron Mitchell Cast:Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, Ruth Wilson, Stephen Campbell Moore, Elarica Johnson, Tom Brooke, Joanna Scanlan Release Date:31 May 2018 Language:English Time: 102 min

Crichton is an incredibly dangerous London area, where it is very risky to be in the dark. It is in this unfortunate place that Ann and his close friend live. Friends are adherents of the youth...

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