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What can torment, torment and disturb the soul more than a good, but not yet released movie screen? In this section, you will find the most anticipated movies of 2019, the premiere of which will soon take place. After all, far from all interesting, touching or hitting films live are widely advertised before they are put on a harsh audience court. In the meantime, to miss at least one such expected trailer for 2019 means to deprive yourself of the excitement of viewing the next masterpiece from the most famous, or so far little-known, but extremely talented directors of the planet.

The opportunity to see the most anticipated films of 2019 without missing a single premiere - this is what a generous gift presents to its visitors, carefully gathering together information about future work. Just look through the presented pages, and you will be amazed how many curious and very intriguing pictures will soon be released on world movie screens. Serious, literally turned the soul inside out dramas and fun, forcing comedy laugh uncontrollably; cool, generously saturated with spectacular fights, action films and fantasy no less impressive with their scenes; exciting thrillers and informative historical films - this is not a complete list of what awaits the viewer in the very near future.

The wonderful world of cinema is endless, diverse and strikingly multifaceted. Today it seems to you that your personal top 10 films have already been compiled, and there can be no changes in it, but now comes the day when some new motion picture appears in the list of upcoming releases, so intriguing that you just want to speed up the time itself or move forward into the future, just see this film premiere as soon as possible. With MoviesTorrents, you can not even doubt it at all, not a single movie awaiting your attention will pass by your attention. It remains only to choose, but it will also be a difficult task, because such an exhaustive full list as here, you will not find absolutely nowhere.

To keep abreast of all the loudest premieres of the season, to have the opportunity to discuss the latest long-awaited film 2019 with close friends, to know firmly what tape to dedicate to your free evening - all this is what is called a full-fledged cultural life. Cinematography is not just entertainment, but an important part of the spiritual world of modern man. Make your life richer, richer and more fascinating, never missing the most interesting movies in 2019, because each new trailer for 2019 is like a door to another world, a journey to another universe, or perhaps even someone else’s life you have lived. Stay with Us, where you will enjoy more than once fresh, original, and sometimes absolutely not expected trailers of this year.

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Afisha 13 July 2019 8.75/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Adrian Grunberg Cast:Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega, Óscar Jaenada, Louis Mandylor, Joaquín Cosio, Sergio Peris-Mencheta Release Date:19 September 2019 Language:English

Many years have passed since the famous veteran Rambo began to live quietly and calmly on a ranch with horses, engaged in their training. But the ghosts of the past still torment him, so the man...

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Afisha 13 July 2019 8.25/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Richard Linklater Cast:Cate Blanchett, Judy Greer, Kristen Wiig, Troian Bellisario, Laurence Fishburne, Kathryn Feeney Release Date:5 September 2019 Language:English

Bee Branch is the main character in the film. This is a 15 year old teenager who lives with his mother. Her mother, Bernadette, is a sought-after architect and has one daughter, since her father...

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Afisha 13 July 2019 8.5/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:UK Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Johannes Roberts Cast:Nia Long, John Corbett, Sistine Rose Stallone, Brec Bassinger, Sophie Nélisse Release Date:16 August 2019 Language:English

Four young girls scuba dive into a flooded city and soon realize that they are not the only visitors to underwater caves. The blue abyss harbors a horde of deadly predators, and the heroines have...

0 230
Afisha 13 July 2019 8.75/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:David Mahmoudieh Cast:Harvey Keitel, Poppy Drayton, Liam McIntyre, Oleg Taktarov, Jenia Tanaeva, George Lako Release Date:25 July 2019 Language:English Time: 107 min

American football star is injured, which threatens his career during active preparations for the World Cup. Focusing on his recovery, the hero is distracted by a bright love affair with a Russian...

0 69
Afisha 12 May 2019 9.13/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Ari Aster Cast:Florence Pugh, Will Poulter, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Liv Mjönes, Julia Ragnarsson Release Date:18 July 2019 Language:English

In the life of Christian there was a real tragedy - quite recently he lost his parents, and now he is very hard at experiencing all this. The only person who could come at the right moment and...

0 3 245
Afisha 12 May 2019 9.5/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Brian Kirk Cast:Chadwick Boseman, Taylor Kitsch, Sienna Miller, Gary Carr, J.K. Simmons, Keith David, Stephan James, Jamie Neumann Release Date:18 July 2019 Language:English

The main character is a dark-skinned policeman from New York with a shattered reputation. He has a chance to clear his name, if only he manages to find the local killer "cops". During the...

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Afisha 16 April 2019
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Peter Segal Cast:Dave Bautista, Kristen Schaal, Ken Jeong, Chloe Coleman, Sima Fisher, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Greg Bryk Release Date:2019 Language:English

​A seasoned CIA agent in the comedy «My Spy», a thunderstorm of criminals, is ready to deal with anyone. A stern man is one type leads to the thrill of villains. In the next assignment, he was...

0 646
Afisha 16 April 2019 6.3/10191 votes 9.25/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:Brazil, Uruguay, Denmark, Norway, Chile Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Gabriel Mascaro Cast:Dira Paes, Julio Machado, Teca Pereira, Emílio de Mello, Thalita Carauta, Mariana Nunes Release Date:25 January 2019 Language:English Time: 101 min

Brasil, 2027. A deeply religious woman uses her position in a notary's office to try to prevent couples from divorcing. Whilst waiting for a divine sign in recognition of her efforts, she's...

0 612
Afisha 16 April 2019 6.94/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:Finland, USA Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Thurop Van Orman Cast:Peter Dinklage, Dove Cameron, Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis, Rachel Bloom, Sterling K. Brown, Pete Davidson Release Date:22 August 2019 Language:English

The main character of the comedy-adventure cartoon «Angry Birds in the Cinema» 2 is not the most pleasant type in the bird kingdom. As if under the style of behavior, he received from nature a bright...

0 1 976
Afisha 16 April 2019 9.38/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:Australia, USA Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:James Bobin Cast:Isabela Moner, Temuera Morrison, Benicio Del Toro, Michael Peña, Danny Trejo, Eva Longoria Release Date:15 August 2019 Language:English

​Dore’s girl was incredibly lucky with her parents. They are her researchers of the plant and animal world of our planet, and therefore, all her childhood the girl spent with them in the jungle,...

0 1 291
Afisha 16 April 2019 9.5/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:UK Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Andrea Di Stefano Cast:Joel Kinnaman, Ana de Armas, Rosamund Pike, Clive Owen, Common, Ruth Bradley, Sam Spruell, Martin McCann Release Date:16 August 2019 Language:English Time: 113 min

In the past, he was a special forces soldier who went through more than one hot spot, but his beloved wife and child always waited for him at home, and he had a way to return. Then one day he got...

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Afisha 06 April 2019 5.0/1040 votes 9.13/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:France Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Benoît Jacquot Cast:Vincent Lindon, Stacy Martin, Valeria Golino, Julia Roy, Nancy Tate, Anna Cottis, Hayley Carmichael, Christian Erickson Release Date:20 March 2019 Language:English Time: 98 min

The irresistible Venetian seducer and adventurer Casanova finds himself in a strange London, although he does not even know English. In his declining years, he is trying to win a 25-year-old beauty,...

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