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The Angry Birds Movie 2
Afisha 16 April 2019
Year2019 Country:Finland, USA Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Thurop Van Orman Cast:Peter Dinklage, Dove Cameron, Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis, Rachel Bloom, Sterling K. Brown, Pete Davidson Release Date:22 August 2019 Language:English

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About movie The Angry Birds Movie 2
The main character of the comedy-adventure cartoon «Angry Birds in the Cinema» 2 is not the most pleasant type in the bird kingdom. As if under the style of behavior, he received from nature a bright red color, expressing his constant anger and dissatisfaction with everyone around him. The fact is that hairy Red had a lot of time to suffer in life and because he was an orphan, he did not learn to take care of others and also to express his own warm feelings. It’s easier for the thorn bird to be rude than to say a good word to someone and sit shut up in his rogue house, near the ocean, away from the rest of the bird’s village.

Attempting to somehow socialize leads to a fiasco, because after getting a job as a clown who spends children’s days hatching from eggs, Red falls into a sickly mess. His rush to have time to bring the baby cake, has disastrous consequences, because not only was he late, he spoiled the cake forest squirrel, but also fell on the egg of customers, after which the newborn chick began to call it his dad. The neurotic who fizzled after the criticism, spreads the brought cake into the beak of the bird-father, which becomes the final cherry of the mad event. The public is indignant and demands to judge the feathered scoundrel. Ed is also satisfied with an embittered booth at the trial.

The accused admits that he has an explosive character, but he is also outraged by the aggression on the part of clients, because he was in a hurry to please the little bird, that even his tail was soaked. The leader of the feathered Kluvolap explains that their society strives for harmony, and Red constantly violates it with its wild antics kinotochka.club. The owl also explains that no one is happy for such a rude person nearby, for which the accused exposes the judge and proves to everyone that he hides his true height and sits on another bird under the mantle in order to appear more majestic. This becomes the last straw. Given the cynicism of all crimes of the hama bird, Kluvolap decides to assign him the most severe punishment of all possible under the bird law of their island — anger management courses. «Tail to you in the beak» is the only curse that Redu comes to mind after such a cruel decision, but there is no other way out …

Angry Birds, who has been punished, misses the house of the graceful Matilda, who leads the process of exile from the charges of anger. There is already a good-natured fat Bombe, who loves to read poetry, but occasionally exploding everything around. Despite his cute temper, Bomb does not know how to control his explosive nature and as soon as he is surprised, very frightened or overstrained, a yellow match appears on the top of his head, which does not bode well for others. Also there is a super fast bully fidget Chuck. While he is issued a penalty for speeding, he manages to steal a cop’s wallet and drink all his money with other birds in the bar. To drive into his office and turn everything upside down, and even vengefully poke at someone else’s feathering, unnoticed when you make your way to the branch above the policeman. Oh, and mischievous …

Along with these guys on the courses there is a mysterious bird of enormous size, Terence, who feeds romantic feelings for Matilda, but does not speak at the same time, but can only punch if necessary and growl like a wild beast. All this company had to fight off the invading pigs that had landed on the island, pretending to be friends, took all the offspring of birds in the form of eggs and dragged themselves to Svinoostrov. Led by Red, enraged birds build a ship from crates and swim to recapture their unborn babies from those who like scrambled eggs and cholesterol for breakfast. Since these representatives of birds do not fly, they have to use a slingshot to start a stir and a fierce slaughter with their enemies, during which more than one kilogram of feathers begin to fly and more than one kilogram of pork fat begin to fly. Furious birds decide to help their spun and thickened powerful eagle, the only one who has full wings, but a very big belly pulling to the ground. As a result, the offspring was saved, and the kingdom was destroyed. Reda is returned to the village and made a real hero, because it was he who sacrificed himself for the egg, which Leonard took and returned three wonderful blue chicks to his parents.
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