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The Informer
Afisha 16 April 2019
Year2019 Country:UK Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Andrea Di Stefano Cast:Joel Kinnaman, Ana de Armas, Rosamund Pike, Clive Owen, Common, Ruth Bradley, Sam Spruell, Martin McCann Release Date:16 August 2019 Language:English Time: 113 min

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About movie The Informer
In the past, he was a special forces soldier who went through more than one hot spot, but his beloved wife and child always waited for him at home, and he had a way to return. Then one day he got into a criminal history with a sad outcome — he fell into the hands of justice, got what he deserved and turned from a special forces soldier into a prisoner. But here he has a beacon in life — his family. His family did not betray, did not abandon, and devotedly waited for his return. And this is what you can withstand all the difficulties, and go to your goal, as if in a dark tunnel to the sunlight that is visible at its end … And he endured everything, and finally, the long-awaited hour came when he had left, all that he was due to be released. And it seemed to the hero that with a clear conscience, which means you can start a new life … But it was not there. The government has a completely different plan for this subject, and having gone beyond the gates of the prison, he falls into the clutches of the special services, who have a great need for him, given his past in combination with his professional skills.

The hero of «Three seconds» is offered some kind of alternative, as a result of the choice on which he either does everything that is required of him or returns to the bench. It is clear that he chooses the first option, although it is fraught with danger to life. Now, the former Special Forces and the prisoner, applying all the knowledge that he had gained in these two incarnations of his existence, will have to become an undercover agent and infiltrate into the very heart of the criminal gang. His goal should be the leader of this gang, engaged in illegal underground business. The enemy is very clever and almost elusive, so it will be very difficult for an agent to get close to him, but this is an indispensable condition for completing the task.

And here the plot gives a completely unexpected roll. The goal turned out to be very clever and the criminals very quickly calculated the true intentions of the implanted citizen. And now they have put before him an alternative in which to make a choice is very simple because of the obviousness of the final result — death or the performance of some secret asking. And now how this poor fellow will get out of the current stalemate situation, in order to preserve both life and freedom, and finally heal the peaceful life of a simple British man in the street, it will be possible to find out only by looking through this incredibly twisted plot to the end.
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