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Mia et le lion blanc
BDRip 28 April 2019
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Year2018 Country:France, Germany, South Africa Genre:Movies / Adventure / Drama / Family Director:Gilles de Maistre Cast:Daniah De Villiers, Mélanie Laurent, Langley Kirkwood, Ryan Mac Lennan, Lionel Newton, Lillian Dube Release Date:4 April 2019 Language:English Time: 98 min
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About movie Mia et le lion blanc
Mia was born in an English family, where she was raised with her brother. Until recently, they led an unhurried, familiar way of life in England, which, for certain reasons, changes beyond recognition. Parents are professionally engaged in the study of the characteristics of the animal world, one day they make the decision with the whole family to move to South Africa. On a continent far from the civilized world, zoologists gather by breeding endangered species of the feline family living in these territories. Soon they move to remote areas, and children have to adapt to unfamiliar conditions. Some time passes, and the girl notices an albino tiger cub, which is ignored by other members of the pride, who consider an unusual baby to be a threat, a mistake of nature. Tribesmen are trying to get rid of the strange congener.

Unusual, white lion becomes a girl's best friend. They spend a lot of time together, becoming more mature. Time passes, and the baby becomes a surprisingly beautiful lion. Mia's father is going to sell a unique animal to local hunters for valuable exhibits for a considerable amount of money. The daughter, having learned about the intentions of the parent, escapes with a four-legged comrade in order to save him from inevitable death. Travelers go on a long, dangerous journey through the wild, African prairies. A teenage girl is going to bring a friend to the reserve, which specializes in keeping lions. The surrounding nature harbors many unforeseen dangers that threaten human life, from which an albino will have to repeatedly save his little helpless fellow traveler.

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MoviesFan 02 March 2019 05:31
Director Gilles de Maitre filmed this film for three years, and all this only so that the small actress Dania De Villiers would grow up with her partner in the film white lion cub and in order to make their shots more natural and truthful. Well, and besides, as the story progresses, Dania and Mia, playing in real life, made friends with the lion cub, just like he did, and he got used to the girl and took her growing up for granted.

Wild animals having a white color (albinos) practically do not survive in the wild, especially as regards carnivorous animals. They, because of their color is very difficult to get their own food. Well, in reserves and nurseries, a person (the most humane creature in the world) helps such animals not only to survive, but to live in comfortable conditions, as a person feeds them, feeds and monitors their general health. Well, for reference: White Lions do not belong to the "albinos", as according to some sources, the amazing white coat of lions, due to some genetic disease - presumably leykizma.

By the way, in South Africa, according to the correspondent of Patrick Barkham, there are at least 160 such farms, whose owners sell captive-bred pets to "thrill-seekers" who, without shame, kill unafraid people and animals. Such fishing is called “canned hunting” and this pleasure costs from 5 to 25 thousand pounds.

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