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Bullitt County
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Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Action / Drama / Thriller Director:David McCracken Cast:Mike C. Nelson, Jenni Melear, David McCracken, Napoleon Ryan, Dorothy Lyman Release Date:26 October 2018 Language:English Time: 98 min
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About movie Bullitt County
Four drinking buddies with a dark secret reunite after ten years for a bachelor party on the Bluegrass Bourbon Trail in 1977 rural Kentucky. But when the friends discover that their favorite distillery has been turned into a winery, the newly sober groom, Gordie, seizes on an even better adventure: search for the legendary buried Prohibition money deep within the woods of Bullitt County, KY. The others reluctantly join him on his quest, only to discover there's something much more dangerous in Bullitt County than cursed treasure. The friends may have forgotten the dark secret from their past, but the past hasn't forgotten them.

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MoviesJul 02 March 2019 04:45
There is an incredible amount of ancient legends in which in detail about untold treasures are told, carefully from the attention of hidden strangers in secluded places not found until now. At the same time on the open spaces of the planet there are many people interested in this issue, dreaming of ever getting rich in such an extraordinary way. Four inseparable buddies who have long-standing friendships once heard stories about an ancient treasure hidden in the district of Bullitt. According to local legend, the values ​​were buried by the former owners in the territory of impenetrable, gloomy forests, trying to securely hide from the encroachments of greedy treasure hunters. Friends were very interested in the inadvertently obtained information and tried to get more reliable and detailed information.

These surveys ended with a general decision to certainly find the legendary treasures in order to become wealthy people, secured by significant financial savings by the end of days. They decided to combine the search for treasure with a pleasant pastime, organizing a bachelor picnic in a mountainous area, surrounded by forest, in which to find the treasured values. Arriving at the designated place, the guys could not occupy the thoughts of other topics, except for thinking about the possibility of taking possession of great wealth. Soon, the guys stopped controlling their actions, succumbing to the greed inflaming inside, which darkened the minds of the young treasure hunters. Long-term friendship was powerless before the vicious impulses that brought to the surface the most base desires and negative traits previously hidden from others.

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