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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Afisha 09 February 2019
Year2019 Country:UK, USA Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Quentin Tarantino Cast:Margot Robbie, Margaret Qualley, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Dakota Fanning, Victoria Pedretti, Al Pacino Release Date:26 July 2019 Language:English Time: 90 min

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About movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Recall that this is the same criminal, on the orders of which in 1969 several terrible ritual murders were committed. The executors of the will of the religious maniac were members of the sect created by him with the benevolent title "Family." The most notorious crime was the terrible murder of the wife of the director Roman Polanski - American actress Sharon Tate, who at the time was in the last month of pregnancy. The offender was caught, he appeared in court, having received several life sentences. This monster had the audacity to write for mercy throughout the entire period. In 2017 God's justice was finally accomplished, and Manson died, which was very actively reported in the press.

Considering Tarantino’s plot priorities, it was logical to assume that the figure of this bloody crazy fanatic could arouse the director’s imagination, especially since he did not deny that the events of his new film “The Nameless Tarantino Project” will unfold in Los Angeles, and moreover Tom scary 69th. But according to information that leaked to the network from sources who had the opportunity to see the script with their own eyes and were able to familiarize themselves with it, everything will not be exactly as expected. Events will indeed unfold in 1969, and the figure of Manson will be there, but only as an element to create the atmosphere of the City of Angels that existed in that era.

The main character of the movie will be a completely fictional character - a serial actor, who lit up in one very successful television project in the lead role, decides to try to break through to the big screen in order to advance his career. In his desire, of course, he is not alone, and his doubler and assistant on the series seeks the same thing. The main storyline will be these races to the main prize in the form of a place under the sun of Hollywood of two talented and energetic young actors. But the background for a fictional story will serve as the real events that took place at that time in Los Angeles, which are well known to the general public from publications. In this series, there will be scenes with the participation of Manson and his fanatics and their terrible crimes, including where the victim was Sharon Tate. Tarantino has already offered this role to Margot Robbie. However, the final caste is not yet approved.
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