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Spies in Disguise
Afisha 27 January 2019
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Nick Bruno, Troy Quane Cast:Tom Holland, Karen Gillan, Will Smith, Rashida Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Masi Oka, DJ Khaled Release Date:31 October 2019 Language:English Time: 90 min

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About movie Spies in Disguise
Two men with opposing tempers work in one place and, according to professional duties, should work in close tandem. Lens Sterling is a qualified special agent with great sociability and irrepressible energy. Attractive appearance quickly positioned to his interlocutor and the right to choose a meaningful topic for conversation. Due to the amazing ability to find an individual approach to each person, the agent quickly acquires friends among both genders. He effectively communicative skills when performing uses complex operations, during the implementation of which you have to interact with others. He masterfully manipulates people’s feelings, without worrying about the consequences, without embarrassment, thinking only about achieving the goal.

Walter Beckett is Lens’s faithful companion, he is a talented inventor and has a closed personality that doesn’t communicate with outsiders. He avoids unwanted tries to contact people, preferring loneliness and silence. He is constantly engaged in the creation of all sorts of technological innovations that Stirling uses in especially difficult moments of his difficult activities. Unique inventions repeatedly in dangerous situations saved the life of an agent. He feels a sense of gratitude to the ingenious partner-inventor, but he cannot get used to the characteristic oddities. Sometimes they communicate in an informal setting, where the difference in temperaments is particularly acute. One strives for vivid impressions and constant risk, the other prefers a quiet rest without undesirable emotional changes.
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