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The Grinch
HDRip 22 January 2019
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Year2018 Country:China, USA Genre:Movies / Comedy / Fantasy / Family Director:Yarrow Cheney / Scott Mosier Cast:Benedict Cumberbatch, Cameron Seely, Rashida Jones Release Date:9 November 2018 Language:English Time: 90 min
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About movie The Grinch
​There is a fabulous, unique country where incredibly cheerful, careless creatures dwell. They are very hardworking and responsible work tirelessly on weekdays, and on long-awaited weekends they happily indulge in vigorous fun and all sorts of recreational activities. Of the total mass, the only character that stands out for problems from the very birth is radically outlined. The baby was born from a bright green appeared, thick hair, the entire surface of the covering skin, which caused bewilderment and dislike of others. The cause of the unprecedented mutation remains unknown. The Grinch was growing up a loner, he had no friends for certain, he had no objective reasons. The boys shunned a strange kindred and teased insulting words. The period of growing up was not easy, reflecting on the formation of character and outlook.

The boy who was not accepted by society became a recluse, hiding from the attention of outsiders, observing, sneaking from his refuge, about the events around him. Particularly acute, he experienced solitude during the winter holidays, suggesting an unimaginable longing and a feeling of innocence to the general merriment. The approach of the Christmas holidays led to fussiness and joyful waiting for a miracle. People were made to prepare themselves for family evenings, buying gifts and various decorations. Sad Grinch never called to the festive table. Once his patience came to an end, he decided to certainly teach the heartless citizens a lesson and spoil the upcoming Christmas. Now every year he arranges all sorts of leprosy, trying to annoy the cheerful local residents, to gloat over their failures and sorrows.

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MoviesJul 27 January 2019 12:22
Great family movie. Colorful, pleasing to the eye, with an interesting scenario and embodiment. All these epithets can be said about the "Grinch - the Christmas Thief" of 2000. I decided to refresh my memory and revise the original, absolutely did not regret that I had spent my free time. Plus the picture is that all the characters are revealed by the writers very deeply. Every scene is thought out to the smallest detail. There is a subtle humor. Yes, and the culmination is excellent, which can hardly leave anyone indifferent.

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