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The King of Crimes
HDRip 14 January 2019
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / History Director:Michael Duni Cast:Claire King, Mark Wingett, Rachel Bright, Nicholas Brendon, Elan Zafir Release Date:10 October 2018 Language:English Time: 86 min
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About movie The King of Crimes
British gangster film The King of Crimes is a subgenre that can be divided into two distinctive camps — on the one hand, we have several real masterpieces that stand the test of time, and on the other, there is any one of many risky recordings that we quickly forgot to continue to produce. The king of crime certainly falls into the latter category, even if its starting point resembles Long Good Friday, often the undisputed masterpiece of its kind. In a more modern look at crime, Mark Wingett is the criminal boss of Oxford, Marcus King. He heads a family that is engaged in phishing on the Internet and other cybercrime, assisted by his two sons and wife Yvonne.

However, when attacks begin on his bases, it becomes clear that someone is trying to break his empire.
It turns out that in his center is a group connected with ISIS, and Marcus must decide whether to fight or fly. As events unfold, there are many double and triple intersections both as a whole and within the family, with some scenes serving a minor purpose, while others ultimately return to a comprehensive narrative, albeit slightly.

There is no doubt that the film is based on an attempt to tell a complex story that makes you guess, but it all becomes so confusing and excessive that ultimately turns out to be absurd and far from everything that resembles reality. At least, this is consistent with the actions of many characters, whose lack of urgency sometimes causes confusion. Despite the seriousness of the central thread, there is always time for an extramarital affair, a couple of paternity tests, to sit down for a cup of tea and any chance to add to a ridiculously large amount of body.

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