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Happy Death Day 2U
BDRip 05 May 2019
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Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Horror / Thriller Director:Christopher Landon Cast:Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Suraj Sharma, Rachel Matthews, Charles Aitken, Tenea Intriago Release Date:28 February 2019 Language:English Time: 100 min
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About movie Happy Death Day 2U
In the recent past, a young student Trish became a direct participant in horrific events. Having managed to get out unscathed from an ominous nightmare, she revised her own priorities and values ​​in life, changing for the better. Somehow, it was delayed by a time loop, forcing us to repeatedly experience one day, repeating endlessly. We had to endlessly be attacked by a cruel maniac, a meeting with which invariably ended in death. After the death at the hands of a psychopath, the day began anew, which meant that the next, monstrous demise was waiting ahead. A series of nightmarish, duplicated incidents did not end, forcing you to dream of a real death. Somehow, the girl still managed to start time for a new cycle. The time has come to find out what caused the inexplicable phenomenon that subjected it to severe tests.

Trish has to face a strange phenomenon again. At first, such events are observed in the life of a familiar student boy who shares his experiences with her. The girl has the only person who believed in his strange story, the rest all took a stupid joke. She begins to help the guy and again she is overtaken by an unfortunate loop of time, from which she cannot get out, where the same killer maniac is present, stalking her everywhere. Unlike last time, she is more prepared to meet with paranormal things. Now they do not frighten at all, but only encourage more decisive actions aimed at finding a way out of a difficult situation. Now she acts decisively and purposefully, inventing every time a new way to stop this endless madness.

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Admin 19 February 2019 15:01
The film, with a budget of $ 4,800,000, collected a total of $ 122,637,878 and this prompted Christopher to write the script himself and make another horror film, calling it almost the same as the 2017 film, albeit slightly changing - “Happy A new day of death, accompanied by a question slogan: "Let's celebrate once more?"

The first film was about a girl named Trish. She is a young and beautiful girl and she soon, on Monday, the eighteenth - was supposed to be a birthday. The holiday, probably, would have been a great success, if the birthday girl had not finished off on her own Birthday, unknown in the mask of the baby. But the bizarre fate gave Trish a “gorgeous” surprise gift — she will live this day again and again until the reason for the event happening to her is found. Trish eventually figured out who it was and threw neighbor Laurie out of the window.

Well, the second horror film, “A Happy New Day of Death,” will again present a surprise to our heroine, a very dubious gift, though not quite the same as he was on that Birthday, when she floundered “in the time loop”, trying to survive in the end your own birthday. Two years after those horrible events, Trish again "stepped on the same rake" and again found itself "in a temporary trap", although this was done in order to understand why this happened the first time.

However, the girl probably didn’t calculate a bit and now, Trish will have to return on the same day, not because she dies, but because her friends are dying. Well, besides that, the notorious Laurie, resurrected by the supernatural power of the “time loop” and overwhelmed with a thirst for revenge, waits for her to meet with Trish to ... get revenge.

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