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A Dog's Way Home
HDRip 20 March 2019
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Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Adventure / Family Director:Charles Martin Smith Cast:Bryce Dallas Howard, Ashley Judd, Alexandra Shipp, Jonah Hauer-King, Edward James Olmos, Barry Watson Release Date:10 January 2019 Language:Spanish Time: 96 min
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About movie A Dog's Way Home
There are many stories, described in literary works and filmed, which illustrate the incredible devotion of dogs to their own owners. Lucas Ray — a young guy living in Denver, unwittingly directly becomes a party to such an incident. Once, a charity event was held near his place of residence by animal lovers. The purpose of the mass event was to find those who want to shelter homeless puppies in a deplorable situation. So, by coincidence, a random young man acquired a small, charming pit bull female. He brought the baby home, identified for her a cozy place and began to take care of a funny pet, delivering a lot of pleasant emotions. Bella grew up safely, showing friendliness to the owner and demonstrating discipline.

Lucas adored four-legged girlfriend, who became almost a family member. Once unforeseen, a complication occurs in connection with the appearance on the threshold of a house of representatives of a special service, which deals with the elimination of fighting dog breeds. The staff explained to the surprised guy that the Denverans did not want dangerous animals in their hometown, so he would have to get rid of the pit bull in the specified time frame. An upset young man is forced to look for ways to save his beloved from the persecution of unfriendly citizens, so he comes up with a wonderful way out. He agrees with good acquaintances in another region who take Bella to him. At a huge distance from her beloved master, the dog began to yearn for much. One day she fled from the new owners and set off in search of her home.

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MoviesJul 19 February 2019 15:13
This story is about an amazing dog named Bella, who was able to overcome all obstacles and cope with all the difficulties only in order to find himself again with his beloved master and friend Lucas. Lucas's favorite game, according to Bella, is a game - “don't gnaw sneakers.” Bella had a family and a place that she lovingly called home. She liked to selflessly chase shameless squirrels who had the audacity to look out the window of her house. But once, there was a terrible misfortune - Bella got lost and somehow it happened that she was many miles away from the house, where she was loved and waited.

The owners everywhere posted up the announcement of the disappearance of Bella, in which they listed all the signs of his beloved dog, but she was still not there. And at this time, the one that the inconsolable owners were unsuccessfully looking for, she was looking for a way home. Bella was separated from the house by four hundred miles. The world around us was much bigger and more dangerous than Bella could have imagined. Torrential rain, deafening thunder and sparkling lightning from which there was no place to hide. The cold frosty air in the mountains and snow avalanche sweeping away everything in its path. Wild animals, many of which were clearly not friends.

At some point she was lucky. People stumbled upon her who were not indifferent to the fate of the dog and they took Bella with them. But Bella was not quite along the way with them and they let go of the fearless dog, giving her the opportunity to go where she wanted. During this difficult and extreme dangerous journey, Bella performed many brave deeds. She saved a man covered with a ruthless snow avalanche. She shared a meal with a wild cat. Bella protected her friend from evil wolves. However, here it is necessary to tell the truth, this friend saved Bella from wolves. Bella's faithful and faithful during this long journey home brought joy and comfort to everyone she met on the way giving them her love, faith and hope for the best. But most importantly, for all the time she went home, Bella realized that with each obstacle she had overcome, with each fear experienced, with each mile passed, she became a little closer to her home, where of course Lucas was very much waiting for her ...

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