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Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero
BDRip 22 December 2018
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Year2018 Country:Ireland, UK, France, Canada, USA Genre:Movies / Adventure / Family / History / War Director:Richard Lanni Cast:Helena Bonham Carter, Logan Lerman, Gérard Depardieu, Jordan Beck, Jim Pharr, Jason Ezzell, Guillaume Sentou Release Date:13 April 2018 Language:English Time: 84 min
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About movie Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero
​​He was just a stray puppy, which was accidentally noticed and picked up by an American soldier, John Robert Conroy. John then took courses in preparation for the service. The young man could not get past the four-legged misunderstanding of a completely unintelligible color and not having an exact breed. Short tail, crooked paws and brindle color. It is now analyzing the surviving photographs of the dog began to believe that this is a cross between a pit bull and a Boston terrier, and then it was just a dog who was given the name of Stubby and «called in» for service.

Stubby turned out to be a very smart and well-trained dog. Not much time had passed since he was rescued from certain death and put on allowance in the 102nd Regiment of the 26th Infantry Division, as he had already called out to him, recognized the signals of the forge, walked by a march, a dog, and even a little later learned to give a military salute. , raising the front right foot and bringing it to the right eyebrow. And he did this precisely when the soldiers did the same.

Amazing dog became a kind of mascot of a military unit. He had a beneficial effect on the soldiers, he raised their fighting and morale. Only therefore, despite the fact that the presence of animals was strictly forbidden in part it was allowed to leave. At the front, Stubby went illegally. John Robert Conroy secretly carried him sailing to France. When the dog was discovered, it was too late to send him back. So he was at war.

With a keen sense of smell, Stubby smelled when the gas attack began and began to warn his comrades in arms barking and biting them. Also, the dog more than once carried the wounded soldiers from the battlefield, and once, even caught a German spy. He was seriously wounded, but as soon as he could walk, he immediately returned to service. He has 17 fights and increased morale of wounded soldiers who, at the sight of Stubby, wanted to recover quickly and return to the front line.

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