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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
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Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Family Director:Dean DeBlois Cast:Cate Blanchett, Kit Harington, Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig, Jay Baruchel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse Release Date:1 February 2019 Language:English Time: 90 min
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About movie How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
The times of dragons, Vikings are long past, but the interest in their lives does not fade in movie 2019 How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World. Dragon Bonebreaker is considered to be the cause of the terrible fire in the village of Spook. Nobody believes a local resident, because these animals are considered peaceful, they did not have disagreements with the Vikings. What could cause malice? It was decided to check the words of Plevaki, because many people know about his hatred for Kostolom, so it will not be difficult for him to slander a fire-breathing monster. Along the way, Plevak tells many stories about how the culprit of the tragedy appeared in his life. All disagreements go from childhood, when the hated dragon attacked the boat, where the boy was with his parents. Has the brutality and ruthlessness of Kostolom not subsided? They can move fear for their own lives, but retreat late — friends arrived on the very island where the monster lives. Hiccup learned that all the stories and legends about the mercilessness of dragons were not true, because the hero will be able to tame Bezzubik. He will become brave in the eyes of his fellow tribesmen; this is the first step to success in military battles. He could easily get the status of a leader, but chose to remain an ordinary warrior. Much later, Icking would meet other dragons, visit places that he wanted to see.

Tamed dragons began to help people in everyday affairs, have become a reliable defense and support. Kids are having fun, arranging races on scary monsters, and Icking and Bezzubik dream of traveling to uncharted lands. Friends are waiting for new secrets and adventures, they will find a mysterious cave of ice, in which the horseman and unknown dragons inhabit. After a lot of time, Hiccup tells about his adventures to the younger generation of the tribe. Now he is the leader, can boldly tell about the reasons for such a choice. Young people listen with interest about uncharted lands, islands with Deadly Mountains, the Crazy Labyrinth. All of them are inhabited, but not fully understood. Is the way for young tribesmen predetermined in advance? It is necessary to conduct a thorough study of the islands of Darkness, Temeni, Gloom, where mysterious territories, dangerous adventures, and new friends await friends. People themselves make their lives interesting and eventful, but sometimes it is worth thinking before taking a chance and heading into the unknown.

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Admin 14 January 2019 09:48
It seems to me that there is no such person who, having looked at the first parts, did not fall in love with the characters, or with the cartoon itself. No one remained indifferent to what is happening on the screen, so the touchingly dramatic story of the boy Icking and Bezzubik, who was created from our pets, something from cats, something from dogs, simultaneously caught. Technologies step forward and the group of creators has every opportunity to make a masterpiece last sequel to the trilogy. This animation project will be finished, and it is really worth viewing.

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