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Alita: Battle Angel
TS 23 February 2019
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Year2019 Country:USA, Canada, Argentina Genre:Movies / Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Thriller Director:Robert Rodriguez Cast:Jennifer Connelly, Eiza González, Rosa Salazar, Mahershala Ali, Michelle Rodriguez, Christoph Waltz Release Date:6 February 2019 Language:English Time: 122 min
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About movie Alita: Battle Angel
Humanity has reached the maximum point of evolution. The rapid development of cybernetics allowed the creation of cyborgs serving as indispensable assistants in any activity. But progress has led to inevitable death. As the best minds of the planet had foreseen, people could not resolve their political differences peacefully. In the twenty-sixth century of our era there was a large-scale war, which led to disastrous consequences. Terrestrial civilization almost ceased to exist. Only a handful of people who tried to revive the human community could escape from death. They created, in their opinion, an absolutely ideal model of government. The new world was divided into two halves. In the upper city, it was called Heavenly, there were rich and successful members of high society. Accordingly, in the lower city, more reminiscent of a huge garbage dump, poor people lived.

Dr. Ido lived in the lower town, for reasons known only to him, he ended up there. A scientist spent his days tirelessly sifting through mountains of metal trash, searching for a huge number of mutilated robots. He brought them home and tried to repair, but nothing came of it. Once the designer finds the remains of a cyborg girl at the dump. After a long work, he manages to get her back to working condition. The robot has an organic brain, looks like a girl of fourteen. She remembers only her name and nothing from the past. Alita is fluent in the martial arts, which in the distant past were taught cyborgs, which makes her an ideal machine for destruction. To restore the erased memories, she sets off on a journey that prepares her many difficulties and trials.

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Admin 19 February 2019 15:07
About how to get to this city are those who for some reason ended up on the landfill of life. That, in the Heavenly city, they will be able to find a beautiful and carefree life, they believe. Technologically, Salem hangs on a huge, cyclopean-sized elevator, on the other side of which another city called Yeru, which has a spaceport, is suspended as a counterweight. The elevator is attached to the orbital ring, which hovers in orbit to Yeru and Salem. With the surface of the Earth, these space cities are connected through huge pipe-ropes, which are a kind of transition to enterprises - factories and factories, where everything necessary for life support of space cities is produced. Raw materials are taken from mines and farms, which are located hundreds of kilometers around the joints of pipes with the Earth.

The City of Scrap Metal in the movie "Fighting Angel" is located directly below Salem. It is built around a landfill, due to which its inhabitants live. They use all the waste that is dumped on top of it. Trade in body parts, feed on waste. Along the perimeter, their city is surrounded by enterprises that work for the upper city, partially recycling waste from a landfill, but mainly producing goods for the upper cities. At these enterprises the part of the population of the lower city works. In the upper city, they are not particularly interested in the safety of life of the lower people. They are only interested in the fact that enterprises operate smoothly. Therefore, crime blooms in the lowest city. Salem holds back its further growth only to the extent that ensures the safety of enterprises. Thus, rewards are awarded for the heads of the most dangerous criminals.

YoungMidoriya 23 March 2019 00:38
Any news on when there'll be better quality?

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