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Green Book
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Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Biography / Comedy / Drama / Musical Director:Peter Farrelly Cast:Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini, Sebastian Maniscalco, Dimiter D. Marinov, Mike Hatton Release Date:1 February 2019 Language:English Time: 130 min
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Even in the last century, in the territory of America, famous for its democratic principles, there was a blatant injustice everywhere, based on the ineradicable racial prejudices that have survived to the present day. Social inequality was commonplace in a multi-ethnic society where the white-skinned Americans controlled everything. For many, the American state is a wonderful country where democracy is flourishing in its best manifestations, and the rights of the people who have great prospects for a prosperous, comfortable life in a friendly atmosphere are not impaired. Thousands of migrants each year seek to settle in the United States, leaving their homeland, where they could not achieve career growth or earn a lot of money. They are convinced that here they will be met with open arms, giving a lot of opportunities to materialize.

However, in reality, things look different. Not every citizen can count on an unbiased attitude. Not everyone can get a high-paying job, occupy a high position, ensure the family prosperous living conditions in a foreign land. Frustrated foreigners face enormous competition when looking for a job. They are forced to take on hard, low-paid labor in order not to die of hunger. Tony Leal is an uneducated Italian who recently arrived in New York trying to settle in a new place. The owner of the inflated torso manages to get a nightclub bouncer, but here he did not last long. Soon he is hired as a guard by a black jazz musician. Together they set off on a long tour, where they personally will feel the true attitude towards black people.

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The premiere screening of the Green Book film was held at the International Film Festival held in Toronto in September 2018, where she won the People's Choice prize. And in December of 2018, the film was already on the list of the ten best films of 2018, according to published data from the American Institute of Cinematographic Art.

The script was written by (apart from P. Farrelli), B. Hayes and son Tony Vallelonga, Nick Vallelonga, who used the interview with his father and his friend Don Shirley, as well as letters written by his mother's father.

The film is named after a Negro green book of motorists, informally called the Green Book, a mid-20th century travel guide for African-American travelers, written by Victor Hugo Green, an African-American postal clerk from Harlem, to help travelers find safe motels and restaurants.

So, the story began in 1962, when Tony Vallelonga worked as a bouncer and having the nickname "Tony Chatterbox", began to look for work after the nightclub where he worked, closed for repairs. It was then that he met on his way, Don Shirley, the then famous jazz pianist and African-American musician. The first meeting of Tony and Dona did not go too well, since the frivolous, and even uncultured behavior of the bouncers met with the arrogance and complex nature of the pianist. But in the end, Don hired Tony Boltun as a driver and person to help avoid trouble during an eight-week concert tour of the southern United States. They planned to return home for the Christmas holidays. Well, in order to make their journey as safe as possible, they used the very “Green Book” on the road, which contained valuable information about safe for dark-skinned people places.

Throughout the tour, Tony writes numerous letters to his wife and children, and Doc teaches him to write more meaningfully and as beautifully as possible. Over time, they began to converge, and their relationship no longer resembled the relationship between the employer and the wage worker. They gradually became friends and trusted each other their plans and aspirations. Doc complained that he, having gained fame, became more isolated from society and advised Tony not to forget his relatives and make peace with his brother.

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