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Holmes & Watson
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Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Adventure / Comedy / Crime Director:Etan Cohen Cast:Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Kelly Macdonald, Ralph Fiennes, Rebecca Hall, Lauren Lapkus, Noah Jupe, Hugh Laurie Release Date:25 December 2018 Language:English Time: 90 min
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About movie Holmes & Watson
​Holmes is a unique, unrivaled private investigator of all time, using special techniques in his investigations, in most cases allowing positive results to be achieved. In studying the materials of the case and identifying important points, he makes extensive use of the deductive method he has mastered perfectly and unconventional thinking. A non-standard approach to investigating the details of each crime allows the detective to see the nuances on the surface that lie but are not noticed by other people. A professional investigator for a long time with a partner works, at the same time being a faithful friend. Dr. Watson provides irreplaceable support in difficult circumstances. Together, they are able to unravel the most cunning knot, consisting of their cunning plans of another attacker who successfully avoids meeting with the police.

An inseparable pair makes up a strong, effective tandem. They willingly undertake the most complicated cases, rejected by other detectives. Even without leaving home, Holmes is able to build a logical chain linking the actions of the criminal with his motives and the desired result. As a result, he will unmistakably determine the right direction for further actions, which will certainly lead to the right place. Police officers cannot adequately compete with the genius of the detective, they always lag behind, not having time to tragically prevent the development of events. One day, a gang of thieves commits a whole series of robberies, successfully robbing noble families living in London. Sherlock, accompanied by the faithful Watson, goes in search of facts to help figure out the identities of the intruders. They have to face with influential people with unclean intentions.

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