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Year2018 Country:Italy, USA Genre:Movies / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller Director:Luca Guadagnino Cast:Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Doris Hick, Malgorzata Bela, Chloë Grace Moretz, Angela Winkler, Vanda Capriolo Release Date:2 November 2018 Language:English Time: 152 min
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About movie Suspiria
From an early age, an American citizen, Susie showed outstanding abilities and increased interest in dance art, which eventually led her to a ballet school and professional pursuits of her favorite activity. A mature, experienced experience, a talented ballerina goes to Berlin to build a good, creative career. Here she attends the legendary dance academy, where she intends to join the highly qualified members of the ballet troupe. However, the joy of novelty and long-awaited realization of children’s dreams soon gives way to the fear of supernatural phenomena occurring around. Something inexplicable and ominous, threatening the lives of people inside, unwittingly under the influence of something otherworldly and terrible, is happening within the walls of the school of the famous institution.

The girl who came to a foreign country, who dreams of learning dance skills here, did not assume that in an institution filled with creative inspiration, she would have to face mystical, terrifying phenomena incompatible with ideas about art and classical music. Regular visitors hide a terrible, deadly secret from the uninitiated. It turns out that there is a systematic preparation for the approaching, traditional, witch sabbat, associated with the ancient curse. Shocked and frightened, Susie begins to realize with horror that she will surely turn into another victim. It is not possible to avoid the sad fate, it is necessary to unravel the secrets of the magical things happening here in order to get out of the unforeseen, deadly rework unscathed.

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Admin 14 January 2019 09:56
This is a fairly well-known work of Guadagnino, but in my opinion, it is very much praised. The plot is too straightforward, and there are several scenario twists, this picture still does not save. Too much they are primitive, and the final part does not remain a mystery to the audience, which is a pity ... I didn’t like a lot here, but I was surprised by the entourage most of all, this is especially true of the dance school, the poor atmosphere and the same view aggravated my opinion about the tape. Yes, and probably the final point in my conclusions was the complete lack of dancing, as the actors were wandering from corner to corner, but this had nothing to do with dancing.

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