Unga Astrid

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Unga Astrid
Afisha 25 November 2018
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Year2018 Country:Sweden, Denmark Genre:Anticipated Movies Director:Pernille Fischer Christensen Cast:Alba August, Trine Dyrholm, Maria Bonnevie, Björn Gustafsson, Magnus Krepper, Henrik Rafaelsen Release Date:28 September 2018 Language:English Time: 123 min

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About movie Unga Astrid
Astrid Lindgren, thanks to her talent for writing, managed to achieve universal recognition and great popularity among fans of her amazing fairy tales. Her childhood was common for a girl who was born in a poor, peasant family, where each family member had to perform heavy enough duties on a daily basis to maintain her economy at the proper level. Despite the difficult physical work, the everyday life of a little peasant woman was filled with unforgettable, pleasant events. She attended a village school, where she had many friends, with whom she indulged in various entertainments, organized walks around the district, constantly looking for new adventures and bright impressions. From an early age, the young lady loved to read, which significantly influenced the choice of her future, life path, determined the fate of the famous woman.

At the age of eighteen, Astrid became pregnant, not being a married lady, so she had to leave her homeland in order to avoid public censure. She moved to another city, where she gave birth to a son at the appointed time. However, the young mother, who does not have a job and livelihood, was unable to take care of the baby, so she gave it to strangers for adoption. After a while, she meets her future spouse, with whom they will create a long-term, happy union. To her beloved husband, the writer will give her daughter Karin, and for her she will start writing the first fairy tales, which will suddenly start to enjoy great popularity and will bring a steady income in the form of high fees. Having survived the hardships of her youth, she will receive a decent compensation, giving the world talented, unique literary works.
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