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No dormirás
BDRip 21 November 2018
5.1/10640 votes
Year2018 Country:Spain, Argentina, Uruguay Genre:Movies / Fantasy / Family / Horror Director:Gustavo Hernández Cast:Belén Rueda, Eva De Dominici, Natalia de Molina, Germán Palacios, Eugenia Tobal, Juan Manuel Guilera Release Date:11 January 2018 Language:English Time: 106 min
About movie No dormirás
The actor troupe, working in the experimental theater, decides to organize another production in a dilapidated building, where there was once a psychiatric hospital. Patients of an abandoned mental hospital once performed on an improvised stage, performing unusual performances. The director had his own vision of the future play and intended to bring conditions as close as possible to reality. He makes very tough, even somewhat cruel demands to the actors, proposing to approach, in terms of psycho-emotional state, the predecessors who perform on peculiar stages before. In order to look at the surrounding reality with the eyes of mentally unbalanced people, theatrical workers who play the main roles need to subject themselves to insomnia for a long time, causing irreversible processes in brain activity.

A similar test of the lack of the opportunity needed by the body to rest is not to everyone’s liking. Bianca — a novice actress, passionate about her creative career, striving for professional growth, is ready for any difficulties in order to achieve universal acceptance. Seeking to get the role of the main character by any means, she readily agrees to the director’s strange and frightening proposal to deprive herself of sleep for several days. The consequences of such a decision will be unpredictable and terrible, but the desire for fame and primacy dulls the sense of self-preservation of an ambitious girl, pushing to commit rash acts. A strange existence without sleep begins, gradually leading to complete isolation from reality, opening the doors to the terrible, mystical world of supernatural phenomena.
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